Top 5 Things To Look Out While Buying Peanut Butter

Food is an essential commodity of our life and without food we cannot survive. But sometimes in the busy schedule of life we often forget to take appropriate care of our body.

According to One World Health Organization (WHO) note that essential nutrients are an integral part of body. The WHO categorised these essential nutrients into two groups: macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are nutrients like water, protein, carbohydrates, and fats which our body seek in higher amounts whereas Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that our body seek in very small amount.

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Deficiency of these essential nutrients can cause ill health. So, here we are going to discuss about only one nutrients i.e. Proteins. Proteins are one the essential nutrients that are seek by our body in large amount. It is said that proteins must be consumed according to our body weight i.e. 0.8g/kg of body weight. But when it comes sources of protein, there are several options for the non-vegetarian individuals but these options become narrower for vegetarian individuals. So, Peanut butter is a great discovery for fulfilment of Protein for both vegans and non-vegan individuals.

Peanut Butter –

It is an easy source of protein for the individuals. Peanut butter is very good sources of proteins for weight management. It is common for gym goers by blending it in different recipes and smoothies. There are many brands manufacturing and selling Peanut Butters, but how to choose best peanut butter available in the market? Let’s Discuss.

peanut butter

5 Important Things to Look Out –

There are five important things to consider before buying a Peanut butter.They are –

1. Organic Or Inorganic.

2. Sodium content.

3. Sugar content.

4. Types of oil Mixed.

5. Ingredients.

Let’s thoroughly discuss about all the above points in the chronological order –

1. Organic Or Inorganic
Many people are thinking that pesticides such as – use of Glyphosate for harvesting of peanuts, then how they can be organic? First of all most of us knows that Peanuts are the legumes that grow under the ground. Many people doubted about peanuts and uses of Glyphosate & also it bad effects on soil. But let me clear this doubt; Glyphosate is not used on peanuts during the growing season and farmers used this solution to remove weeds prior to the plantation. So, there is no need to worry. Therefore, in order to minimize this load – select/choose a peanut butter that clearly states “Organic or Natural” on its food label. This information is readily found on the front label of the product and oftenly on the back.

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2. Sodium content-

For the human body daily requirements of sodium are 1500mg per day. But there are some peanut butters which contains more than 100g of sodium which is very excessive. And excessive intake of sodium can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. So, choose a peanut butter which contains 100g or less sodium in it.

3. Sugar content-

Many peanut butter and processed foods comes with added sugar in many form which I think should not be added to the ingredient lists of any products. Sugars are added in the form of sugarcane juice, corn syrup, molasses, honey, etc. But this only means one thing – Sugar !!! Daily intake of sugar for the male is 37g whereas for the female it is 25g. And throughout the meals our body absorbs the required amount of sugar from the foods. So, why to take excess sugar. Therefore, Select a Peanut butter with zero added sugar.

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4. Types of oil Mixed-

Now a day, peanut butters are coming with added hydrogenated oils which are the “Trans” fats. And Trans fats are the unhealthy fats that doesn’t required by the body. Generally these Trans fats upset the balance between good and bad cholesterol levels. Thereby raising bad cholesterol and reducing good cholesterol. And many manufacturing companies used these hydrogenated oils to improve the texture of the peanut butter and that’s why Peanut butter’s texture is always smooth. There is a simple logic here; Peanuts has its own oil. When peanuts are compressed, it releases its own oil, then why to add extra hydrogenated oils. This is a proper scam to make customer unhealthy. So, choose a Peanut butter with zero hydrogenated oils.

5. Ingredients-

There are many peanut butter brands which flaunt a long list of ingredients on its label. But think for a while if someone is purchasing a peanut butter then he/she only needs Peanuts and for taste little bit of salt/honey in the ingredient list. Then, why a customer is provided with the long list of ingredients for just a peanut butter? There must be one and main ingredient – i.e. Peanut Butter. So, choose a peanut butter which mention 100% roasted peanuts used.

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