5 Best things to consider while buying room heater in 2021

room heater

Room heater is the easiest and the cheapest way to deal with low/chilling temperature conditions and thus helps in raising the room temperature. Thus adding a warming experience in that space. These room heaters are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. Generally, room heaters usually help to offset extra costs during cold and wintery months. There are many electric room heaters available in the market also who boast about many special features such as automatic oscillation and digital controls for convenient use.

Mostly, when it comes to buying a large space room heater, some fundamental doubts arise in the mind such as — will this heater provide ample amount of heat to heat up my room? And what is the acquisition cost? Any many more doubts are to be answered. To get all the doubts to be cleared, Let’s examine those important 5 points to consider while buying a large space room heater.

Generally, heaters are available in different sizes and shapes. So, before selecting the right type of room heater, we must evaluate a few things. The first thing to evaluate before the selection of a large space heater is – What type of room heater you need for your room. While there are few heating styles, there are only three heating techniques under which every electric room heater comes, i.e. – infrared/halogen, oil-filled, and fan heaters. Infrared/Halogen Heaters generally provide economical & large-space heating. Oil-filled heater delivers quick & spot heating for mid & small to very small spaces.

Fan heaters use an internal fan which blows through a heating element; and these kinds of heaters offer fast heat & spreads out heat quickly while saving a lot of space. Selecting the right type of heater for your use is the finest way to ensure adequate performance.

room heater

While looking for a large space heater, one of the first & foremost important things to look for in a large space heater – how much space the heater will cover. This will be determined by the heater voltage rating. Generally, a room heater uses 10W of heating efficiency to heat up each sq ft of your space. So a typical 1500W heater will be covering a mid-sized room as well as large room space when used as an alternative source of heat. Some of the heaters also use auto oscillation techniques to check evenly flowing of heat throughout the space. However, that does not apply for every model of the heater as many companies use different technology and techniques.

If you are considering having an energy efficient/conserving heater and want to manage low electricity bills, then it is a good idea to assess power efficiency before selecting a large space heater for your room. Although room heaters presently lack a standard level of power efficiency like the energy ratings. To keep your electricity costs on track, it is very necessary to select the right power efficient room heater as per the size of your room. For that, many companies are also providing some special features such as energy saving settings, low voltage, and timers to help in minimizing power consumptions and contribute to global energy conservation movement.

room heater

Sometimes room heaters can easily lead to fire or burn the skin if anyone unknowingly touches the hot area. To prevent these kinds of further damage, every heater available in the market has innovative touch sensors that automatically switch off the heater if someone accidently touches the protective shield down the heater. Also to bring down the risk of fires significantly, many manufacturers switched on to different cooling methods and other advanced safety features for total safety.

Sometimes, many heaters use the fans to blow out warm air into the room. The fan may be noisy and irritating sometimes. And you certainly don’t need any heater, which creates noise and which is bit loud. So, before choosing any room heaters please check the noise levels emitted by the heater.


So, before buying any room heater follow the five important points mentioned above.

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